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Once upon a time (all great stories begin this way), Ruth K. Broad K-8 Center had playgrounds everyone was proud of. Kids were happy. Parents and teachers were happy. Life was good. Today these play areas and open spaces have become dated, run down and unsafe. In short, they're acting their age. Which means our students have no place to climb, play and socialize. The good news? We can fix this. But only if parents, friends and neighbors are willing to rise to the occasion and chip in.

  • What is Pride Outside?

    Ruth K. Broad is an A-rated school that has been at the top of academic lists in Miami-Dade County for 13 consecutive years. Our students take PRIDE in themselves and their school. Yet as proud as we are of our achievements inside the classroom, our vital outdoor areas aren't making the grade. From rusted play equipment to antiquated "old school" designs to deteriorating playground surfaces, our recreation areas are physically unfit. We need to raise the bar for health and wellness, just as we've done for education. That's why the Ruth K. Broad PTA has launched a capital campaign called Pride Outside. Our goal is to raise enough capital to rebuild our outdoor recreation areas for our children and our community. This is why we're reaching out to all four of our neighbors – Bay Harbor, Bal Harbour, Surfside and Indian Creek – and asking everyone to come together to raise the funds we need to restore Ruth K. Broad's Pride Outside.

  • Play. It Works.

    When it comes to helping children excel in school, nothing works like play. Students who are kept in classrooms all day without a break are likely to be less attentive and may also learn less efficiently. According to the American Academy of Pediatrics, "Recess contributes significantly to the social, emotional and cognitive development of the young child." Deny a child the opportunity for free, unstructured activity for just one day, and their ability to stay focused plummets faster than you can say FCAT. And everyone knows that physical activity improves fitness, helps boost immune systems and lowers the risk of obesity. Bottom line? Providing our children with a stimulating and safe place to run and jump and burn off steam is as elementary as reading, writing and arithmetic.

  • Big Plans.

    The beauty of our school and its location is that, as an integral part of lovely Bay Harbor Islands, our outdoor facilities can be enjoyed by the town and community after school and on weekends. By improving the outdoor spaces for our children, we are also giving the entire community access to fabulous play areas and green spaces, thereby increasing the quality of life of our residents.

    Your contribution will fund:

    • A new shaded elementary playground designed for younger children to safely climb, swing and slide.
    • A new middle school play area that will provide age-appropriate activities and challenges that can also be utilized by the PE coaches.
    • A resurfaced multi-use court that will function as basketball, volleyball and tennis courts for PE classes, after school programs, school teams and even adult programming.
    • A refreshed track and field area so that field team sports can be enjoyed by our entire community.

    Ruth K Broad's exceptional academic reputation and administration are a magnet for families looking for high quality public education for their children. By serving the community both during the day and on weekends, our play areas are an additional value added to living in Bay Harbor Islands, as well as to sister communities Surfside, Bal Harbour and Indian Creek, where many of our school children live.

  • Our Goal.

    We are an A-rated school!
    Our Students Deserve Better!
    We need a Community Effort!

Our Capital Campaign Goal is $1,000,000

Before and After - Elementary Playground

A new elementary playground designed for younger children to safely climb, swing, and slide under sun shades to protect them from our bright Florida sun

Close-ups of our Elementary Playground


Ready? Set... PLAY!!!

The new elementary playground opens early November 2013

Before and After - Field Playground

A 3rd-8th grade play area that provides age appropriate activities that can be used during recess or utilized
by the PE coaches for physical education classes

Close-ups of our Field Playground


Our Basketball Court. Rough Going.

This area is used daily for PE classes and currently has an asphalt surface which causes frequent injuries. It has no shade or seating for class instruction or lighting for after-hours community use.

No Field of Dreams.

Our athletic field is full of rocks, holes, bald patches and has many drainage issues.


Our Goal is $1,000,000

We are an A-rated school!
Our Students Deserve Better!
We need a Community Effort!

Sorry, campaign has ended.

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